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Privacy Policy

1. This Privacy Policy offers information about how we use the information you provide to us, which we collect through this website (the “Website”), the networking webpage and our Cybertech Conferences. The transferred information will be stored and processed by Arrowmedia Israel Ltd., incorporated in Israel, having its office at Hagavish 3 st., P.O. box 7107, Kfar Saba, Israel, and Cybertech Singapore (CYSING) Pte Ltd., incorporated in Singapore, having its office at 30 Cecil Street #19-08 Prudential Tower, 049712 Singapore, Cybertech Mena, incorporated in Dubai, having its office at 2236, DMCC Business Centre, Level No 1, Jeweelery & Gemplex 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Cybertech USA, having its office at 12 East 49TH St., New York, NY 10017 (collectively "Cybertech" or “We”).

2. We organize conferences and exhibitions of cybersecurity technologies (the “Cybertech Conferences”), provide networking services through our website and provide products related to the Cybertech Conferences (collectively, the “Services”). 

3. Cybertech sees great importance in safeguarding the privacy of our users and participants to the Cybertech Conferences (the “Users” or “You”), and invests great efforts in properly securing the data which has reached or shall reach us. 

4. The Privacy Policy outlined below describes the manner in which we collect data, the type of data collected, the manner in which this data is used and the manner in which you, as the subject of the data, can remove or alter it. 

5. Upon the use of the Services, you consent to our collection, retention and use of your data as described in this Privacy Policy. You are not required to provide said data, and this data is provided of your free will and with your consent. However, if you do not provide the data, we will not be able to offer you our Services. 

The Types of Data Collected About You 

6. When you use the Services, we are permitted to collect and make use of, as set out in this Privacy Policy, the following types of data: 

We will collect identifying details about you (or by which you can be reasonably identified), including, among others, your name, address, telephone numbers, email address, mailing address, and the last four digits of your credit card number (the “Personal Data”). Some of the data collected about you is not personal information and is not stored together with your Personal Data. We refer to accumulative statistical data, such as advertisements you read on the Website, pages you viewed, offers and services that interested you, the IP address you used to contact us and more (the “Non-Personal Data”). 

The Database

7. The data we collect about you will be stored in the our database (the “Database”). By using the Services, you signify your consent to this Privacy Policy, and your consent that your details will be kept and managed in the Database. The use of the Personal Data will be made in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the law, for the purposes set out below. 

Purposes of Use of the Data 


  • The Personal Data will be stored in the Database, as stated, for the following purposes: 

A. For the purpose of providing the Services; 

C. To make statistical analysis of the attendees of the Cybertech Conference; 

D. To contact you, when we deem this necessary in order to provide you with the Services; 

E. To improve our Services by executing market research and surveys; 

F. To send advertisement information on behalf of Cybertech, only when you have consented to such, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law; 

G. To advertise and market our Cybertech Conferences, including customized information, in accordance with applicable laws; 

H. To provide support and handle requests and complaints; 

I. To operate, evaluate and improve the Services, including by developing new products and services, analyzing and improving the efficiency of the Services; 

J. In order to meet the requirements of all laws, regulations and other acts of legislation, and in order to assist the competent authorities and any third party, should we believe, in good faith, that we are required to do so. 

  • The Non-Personal Data will be stored in the Database for the following purposes: 

A. In order to analyze trends and traffic tendencies for the purpose of managing the Services; 

B. To provide content (including advertisements) suited to our customers’ interests and the manner in which Users browse the Website (using Cookies, as detailed below). 

Providing Data to a Third Party 

9. We may transfer Personal Data or Non-Personal Data under the following circumstances, and you shall have no claim or demand against us or anyone acting on our behalf in connection with the transfer of such information: 

A. When required to do so by court order or under applicable law;

B. Upon your specific consent;

C. If we receive notice of legal action being undertaken against us for actions performed by you, and in any case of a dispute, claim, action demand or legal proceedings arising between you and us; 

D. If a claim is raised, or if we are given to suspect that you have performed or may perform an act or omission that harms or may harm us or one of our representatives or any third parties, including other Users of the Services; 

E. If a claim is raised, or if we are given to reasonably suspect that you have made use or may make use of the Services to perform an illegal act or to allow, ease, assist or abet the performance of such an act; 

F. If a claim is raised, or if we are given to reasonably suspect that you have breached one of the terms of this Privacy Policy or  any other agreement you may hold with us or with one of our representatives; 


10. The Website, or some of its service providers, use Cookies, inter alia, for the routine and functional operation of the Website, collection of statistical data about the use of the Website, confirmation of details, provision of personally tailored content, and information security. All of the foregoing is intended to adapt the Website to your preferences, so that the our servers will be able to identify you quickly and efficiently. 

11. “Cookies” are small textual files transferred to your computer or cellular device by the internet server. These files are not computer software, and do not have the ability to read the data they contain or perform any actions with respect thereto. 

12. By consenting to the following terms, you permit us to “plant” cookies on your computer or cellular device, and to use the data stored in the Cookies to identify you. 

13. If you are interested in blocking cookie files while browsing any website, you may change the preferences of the browser you are using so that it requests your confirmation each time individually; or, alternatively, so that it refuses Cookies by default. If you do not know how to do this, you can look up the procedure using the “Help” tab in the browser you are using. Please note that if you disable Cookie files, this may impact the services provided and other data about your preferences and browsing habits. 

14. You may, of course, refuse to use Cookies; however, if you do so, while you are still permitted to use the Website, some parts or characteristics of the Website may be restricted to you. 

15. We may allow other companies to manage the advertisement campaigns on the Website. The advertisements visible to you when you visit the Website may originate in the computers of those companies. In order to manage their advertisements, these companies leave Cookies on your computer. Cookies allow these companies to collect data regarding the websites in which you viewed advertisements they placed, and which advertisements you clicked on. The use of Cookies by these companies is subject to their own privacy policies, and not our Privacy Policy. 

Linked Websites 

16. It is possible that, while you Use the Website, the Website may provide links and references to other websites and pages on the internet that are operated by Third Parties (“Linked Websites”), wherein you may, inter alia, accept or purchase various products and services. It is possible that these Websites and pages will request that you register or provide various information. It is agreed that we have no knowledge, control or liability with respect to what occurs on these Linked Websites. The provision of information and registration on these websites are not subject to our Website’s Privacy Policy, but rather, to the privacy policies of said Linked Websites, and to the provisions of the law. Browsing these Websites and pages, as well as any other actions taken with respect thereto, is done solely at your own liability and at the liability of the owners of said Linked Websites. You shall not have, and hereby waive in advance, any claim or demand against us or any of our representatives resulting from a loss, monetary loss or direct or indirect damages stemming from your reliance on or use of content or information provided on these Linked Websites. 

Marketing Data 

17. We may send you advertisements, sales, discounts, updates, innovations and similar (jointly “Promotional Mail”) from time to time, inter alia, by e-mail message, fax, recorded message (VR) or text message (SMS), subject to receiving your consent in accordance with Section 30A of the Media Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasts), 5742-1982 (the “Media Law”). 

18. Notwithstanding the foregoing, under the provisions of Section 30A(C) of the Media Law, we may send you Promotional Mail regarding a product or service you purchased on the website or similar products or services, even without your consent, as stated above. 

19. You may choose, at any time, to no longer receive Promotional Mail by contacting us in writing (at the contact details listed under the “Right to Examine Data” heading below), or by contacting us through the medium by which the Promotional Mail was broadcast, at your discretion.

Information Security 

20. Media networks, computers, servers and websites are vulnerable to attacks and hacking attempts by various factions. We employ several security measures to safeguard the privacy of the information stored while Using the Website; however, be advised that this cannot be absolutely guaranteed. 

21. We do not guarantee that the Website will be absolutely impervious to unauthorized access of the data stored therein. By browsing the Website and providing your details, you release us and our representatives from any liability for any damage that may be incurred by you or by anyone on your behalf as a result of attacks, hacking attempts and breaches of said data, and you hereby waive any claim against us. 

Right to Examine Data 

22. Under the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981, every person is entitled to examine data relating to them that is stored in a database. A person that examines the information concerning them and finds it to be inaccurate, incomplete, unclear or outdated may contact the owner of the database and request to amend or erase the data. 

22. Such a referral should be addressed to, or at +972-74-7031211. 

23. You can also be removed from the mailing list by pressing the unsubscribe bottom which will appear at the bottom of every email we send to you. In addition, when contacting us, you can request the removal of the Information which we used to create your profile for the mailing list of the direct marketing, from our database. 

Changes to the Privacy Policy 

24. We reserve the right to add to, alter, detract from or replace, at any time, the provisions of this Privacy Policy, in whole or in part, at our discretion, by notice posted on the Website. The binding version of this Privacy Policy shall be that which appears on the Website. You are responsible for staying updated regarding changes that may be applied to the Privacy Policy. Your continued use of the Services following the execution of such a change shall be considered as evidence of your confirmation of having accepted the changes. It is recommended to review the Privacy Policy each time you enter the Website in order to review any changes that may have been applied. 

25. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, in the event that we materially alter the Privacy Policy, we will notify Users of such by placing an appropriate notice on the Website. 


26. Should the court determine that any of the provisions of this Privacy Policy are illegal or invalid, this shall not terminate the remaining provisions of this Privacy Policy or the remaining portions of such provision, as was terminated or limited by the court, that are still valid and enforceable. 

27. Any delay on our part in demanding a right due to us, or failure to enforce a right due to us, under this Privacy Policy or by law, is solely ex gratia, and shall not serve as or be considered a waiver on our part of such right.

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