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A new unicorn in born: Island raises $115M million at $1.3 billion valuation

The Israeli-American company emerged from stealth on February 1st, when it introduced the first Enterprise Browser

Photo left-to-right: Dan Amiga and Mike Fey, Island’s founders. Credit: MKJ photography
Photo left-to-right: Dan Amiga and Mike Fey, Island’s founders. Credit: MKJ photography

Island, an Israeli-American company which developed the Enterprise Browser, announced that it has raised $115 million in its Series B financing round at a $1.3 billion valuation. The round, led by New York-based global venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners, brings Island’s total funds raised to over $200 million.

This round follows Island’s emergence from stealth on Feb. 1 when it introduced the world’s first Enterprise Browser – which the company describes as the “desktop of the future, enabling organizations to protect users and data at the very point where they interact with SaaS and internal web applications.”

With the Enterprise Browser, security teams can fully control the last mile, from basic exfiltration protections such as copy, paste, download, upload, and screenshot capture, to more advanced security demands such as smart network routing and multi factor authentication insertion.

By building the core needs of the enterprise into the browser itself, the Island Enterprise Browser provides organizations with complete visibility and last-mile control, producing unprecedented improvements in security, IT, and productivity, all while delivering the same Chromium-based experience end-users expect.

“Island has created a whole new way of thinking about enterprise work. By fundamentally transforming the work environment to be secure-by-design, the Island Enterprise Browser enables organizations to achieve entirely new levels of security, productivity, and IT efficiency. The enthusiasm from our customers and the IT community has been extraordinary,” said Mike Fey, Island CEO and Co-founder.

“New investment from Insight Partners and increased investment from our original funding partners validates our product-market fit, accelerates our momentum, and highlights the huge opportunity in front of us.”

“When we set out to build the Enterprise Browser, we aimed to deliver tremendous value to security professionals from day one,” said Dan Amiga, co-founder and CTO of Island. “What we're noticing now is the huge opportunity to solve previously insurmountable problems not only in the security space, but across productivity and IT as well. This new funding ensures we will be able to harness even more of this amazing potential.”

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