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AI chipmaker Hailo sets out to improve autonomous driving experience

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The company has joined forces with semiconductor manufacturer Renesas to deliver new solution

Photo credit: Hailo
Photo credit: Hailo

Hailo, an Israel-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) chipmaker, announced its collaboration with Renesas, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, to deliver a powerful and energy-efficient processing solution enabling advanced driver-assistance (ADAS) functions and automated driving (AD) systems in motor vehicles.

The joint Hailo-Renesas solution will make sophisticated ADAS technology more accessible to cars of all types.

Key features for the joint Hailo-Renesas solution include: independent scalability in AI & computations; a high-performing solution in the automotive market; power efficiency, enabling ECUs to be passively cooled, reducing the BOM and system cost; functional safety; and an open software ecosystem.

“ADAS and AD features have proven to be instrumental in minimizing accidents and saving lives. However, technological challenges have caused great difficulties for automakers looking to make such advanced functions accessible in anything but higher-end vehicles,” said Orr Danon, CEO and co-founder of Hailo.

“Together with Renesas, we are offering a solution that helps democratize ADAS so its benefits can be enjoyed by more and more drivers. AI will play a major role in making our roads safer and, with industry leaders like Renesas helping us innovate, we will make driving both safer and more affordable.”

“Automotive OEMs are looking for scalable solutions for ADAS and AD to streamline software development,” said Yusuke Kawasaki, Director, Automotive Digital Products Marketing Division at Renesas.

“We are confident that our collaboration with Hailo, which has expertise in AI technology, will enable our customers to easily extend the performance of the R-Car so that they can flexibly and quickly incorporate ADAS/AD functionality in various classes of vehicles.”

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