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Carbyne raises $56 million to modernize emergency contact centers

Funding round follows 400% revenue growth and increased adoption of Carbyne’s next-gen mission critical technologies in the last 12 months

founders (from right to left): Alex Dizengof (CTO), Amir Elichai (CEO),  Yony Yatsun (Software Team Manager). Photo credit: Nir Arieli
founders (from right to left): Alex Dizengof (CTO), Amir Elichai (CEO), Yony Yatsun (Software Team Manager). Photo credit: Nir Arieli

Israeli-American company Carbyne, which provides cloud-native emergency contact center solutions, announced that it raised $56 million in Series C funding led by Cox Enterprises and Hanaco Growth Fund.

This latest round follows a 400% increase in U.S. revenue and a 185% jump in total contract value over the past 12 months. This investment in Carbyne will allow the company to accelerate the digital transformation of mission-critical operations and government service centers primarily in the USA.

Moreover, the investment will allow Carbyne to accelerate global expansion and continue growing its B2B business which allows corporations to increase situational awareness and collaborate more efficiently during emergencies.

The opportunity to roll out secure contact center technologies for mission-critical use cases such as protecting customers and clients, extends to almost every Fortune 1000 company globally. Carbyne will also continue to invest in emerging technologies, building AI and NLP-based capabilities into its APEX platform with the support of top-tier technology partners.

“We’re doing to public safety what Amazon did to on-premises storage. We are redefining how emergency contact centers and government service teams operate by moving everything to the cloud,” said Amir Elichai, CEO and Founder of Carbyne.

“Emergency providers and local governments are using legacy systems to solve modern problems – a declining proposition. They are increasingly recognizing the value that our cloud-based platforms provide to their communities.״

“Communities across the U.S are experiencing higher levels of emergency calls related to crime, stress, and mental health,” said Lior Prosor, Founding Partner at Hanaco Ventures. “Emergency contact centers and crisis hotlines are under significant stress and need more advanced technology to effectively respond with the right resources to save lives.

״One of the challenges of the public safety industry is that it is mostly on premise. This can prevent it from adopting the new technologies available to other sectors. We are proud to continue supporting the Carbyne team in their mission to bring cutting edge technologies to PSAPs via the cloud.”

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