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Meet the company that uses AI to save construction workers’ lives

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Pangea IT developed a new technology designed to prevent falls from scaffolding using sensors, AI analytics, and computer vision systems.

Photo: Pangea IT
Photo: Pangea IT

Pangea IT, an Israeli company which specializes in the digital transformation of government, public, and business services, unveiled a new technology designed to help solve the problem of construction workers' falls from scaffolding.

According to the company, workers’ falls from construction scaffolding have two main causes: first, workers not tying themselves to the lifeline cable attached to the suspended scaffolding, and second, the loading of equipment and materials beyond the scaffolding’s capacity.

Pangea's technology combines sophisticated sensors, AI analytics, and computer vision systems that send automatic, real-time alerts as soon as a dangerous load is detected or when one or more workers has not tied themselves to the lifeline.

These alerts help site managers eliminate any potential risk to the workers’ welfare before work even begins.

This new technology comes in addition to the access-control system Pangea launched earlier this year. The access-control system checks whether workers at each site are allowed to be there and whether they have strayed from the exact locations assigned to them. This prevents untrained workers from entering hazardous areas for which they are not qualified.

"Construction site accidents are not a fact of life and the vast majority of them can be prevented using advanced technologies,” said Oded Somberg, VP of Business Development, Enterprise Division at Pangea.

“We have identified a strong interest among construction companies for reliable and affordable solutions to work accidents. We offer them a unique solution based on advanced technology. Pangea has set itself the goal of developing additional modules and tools for construction companies to deal with life-threatening problems at their sites."

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