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Cybertech Europe: Meet Pikered’s AI-based Internal Penetration Test solution

Ahead of this major cybersphere conference that will take place in Rome, we are focusing on some of the participating companies

Photo courtesy Pikered
Photo courtesy Pikered

Company name: Pikered

Field: IT offensive security:

Stage: Series A/B

Founders: Marco Gallina, Daniel Bertoni, Diego Lorenzi

What’s your product: ZAIUX®: An intelligent solution that, thanks to our DPZR™ engine, continuously verifies the resilience of IT infrastructures against internal threats and generates Remediation Plans referring to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework, thus reducing execution time compared to a traditional penetration test.

We stand out from the crowd because: ZAIUX® offers a sophisticated Internal Penetration Test for infrastructures, concretely employing artificial intelligence and machine learning for unsupervised processes. Creation and automation of jobs, lateral movement, privilege escalation, machine learning for behavioral analysis and attack planning, cloud hashcraching, reporting and remediation plan are but some of the main features of this software.

Watch our demo by clicking on this link!

Pikered will participate in Cybertech Europe, which will take place on May 10-11, 2022, in Rome. For additional information about this major cyber event, please visit the official website.

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