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Cybertech Global TLV: “Cyber can move the GDP needle”

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Esti Peshin, General Manager of the Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) Cyber Division, discussed predicting the cyber storm

Photo by Gilad Ksavalerchik
Photo by Gilad Ksavalerchik

“In the past two years, we have seen a growing trend of strategic cybersecurity threats. Two of the newer trends are supply chain attacks accompanied by media campaigns,” said Esti Peshin, General Manager of the Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) Cyber Division.

Peshin spoke this morning (Thursday) on the main stage of Cybertech Global TLV, about the economic benefits of attack surface management, predictions and national involvement.

“When we speak about national-grade cyber challenges, we need national-grade solutions. First and foremost, this means state-of-the-art technology,” said Peshin. “But tech on its own is insufficient, you need a methodology. This field is constantly evolving, and a solution you’re deploying today may not be worthwhile in 6 months.”

Peshin also discussed the importance of collaboration across the board, calling it the key that enables the forecasting of cyberattacks.

“In the past, we spoke about cyber protection, then evolved to limited potential damage – and then evolved to resilience. This means that we take into account that we will eventually be attacked, and the question is how quickly we can recover.

“These days, we need national-level deployment, national-level SOC – but not only about the scene itself. Events aren’t standalone,” added Peshin. “We need national-level awareness and assessment, threat intelligence and collaboration within the nation state. We need the ability to predict the storm by proactively monitoring the national system. This is crucial. IF we can’t predict the attacks, we can’t raise the defenses in time.

Peshin stressed the point on cyber as a drive for innovation – and innovation as a drive for economy. “Cyber can move the GDP needle. As of 2021, there are about one million cyber professionals missing in the world – this is a huge opportunity.” She called on audience members representing governments to set up cyber academies in their countries, focus on training and helping to “drive national economies further.”

Watch Esti Peshin on the Cybertech stage:

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