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Cybertech Global TLV: Yandex is bringing its cloud to Israel

Yandex and Dor Technolgoies held an exclusive event, in which they discussed how cloud companies should enter new markets

Photo: Gilad Kavalerchik
Photo: Gilad Kavalerchik

Yesterday, Yandex and Dor Technologies held an exclusive, invite only round table discussion during the first day of Cybertech Global TLV. Industry leaders gathered to discuss how cloud companies should enter new markets.

Yandex is about to enter the Israeli market and launch a designated zone in the country for its cloud services, for the benefit of Israeli consumers.

Several main points arose from the discussion: the need for a local partner to manage activity and integration; the necessity of top-notch cyber defense, especially given the threats which accompany the cloud as well as unique threats due to activity in Israel; the importance of a good product in addition to a marketing and sales array; and the need to fully understand and follow Israeli regulation.

A local cloud is designed to serve various clients, both private and state. In the case of a governmental client, one must consider additional questions such as the location of data processing – whether it is in Israel or abroad. The way the communications infrastructure is supervised also varies, depending on whether this is a private or state client.

Shifting to the cloud is no longer a binary, yes or no question. The question is now how to shift activities to the cloud, and at what pace. Each organization should also define for itself what a cloud is.

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