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Deci launches all-in-on DL training library for computer vision models

Developers will be able to train or fine-tune models for the most common computer vision tasks

Deci team. Photo courtesy company/PR
Deci team. Photo courtesy company/PR

Deep learning development company Deci announced the launch of SuperGradients , an all-in-one deep learning training library for computer vision models.

SuperGradients will enable developers to train PyTorch-based models for the most common computer vision tasks, including object detection, image classification and semantic segmentation, with just one training script.

In addition, users can easily load and fine-tune pre-trained state-of-the-art models (YOLOv5, DDRNet, EfficientNet, RegNet, ResNet, MobileNet, etc.), of which many were optimized to deliver higher accuracy.

AI developers face an upward struggle developing production-ready deep learning models for deployment. The overhead of integrating with various existing training tools and the effort to reproduce the training results for state-of-the-art models is time consuming and causes headaches for beginners and experts alike.

Developed by Deci’s deep learning experts to tackle these very problems, SuperGradients offers a wide range of pre-trained production-ready deep learning models that were tested in production environments (i.e. converted to optimized deployable runtime executors such as OpenVINO, TensorRT, ONNX).

The library also includes proven training recipes for easy reproduction of training results, thus making AI more accessible for everyone.

“As deep learning is maturing and becoming more widely adopted, the model development and training processes must be simplified. In order to deliver on the promise of deep learning, teams require tools that can facilitate the architecture selection phase, as well as enable them to achieve better training results faster," said Yonatan Geifman, co-founder and CEO of Deci.

“This is why we decided to release SuperGradients as an open-source solution for the entire AI community to benefit from.

"By offering developers better tools to build, optimize and deploy models, we help to simplify the entire deep learning lifecycle and enable developers to focus on what they do best- creating innovative AI solutions to solve the world’s most complex problems.”

Deci is an Israeli company, founded by Geifman, Jonathan Elial, and Professor Ran El-Yaniv, Deci’s team of deep learning engineers and scientists are dedicated to eliminating production-related bottlenecks across the AI lifecycle.

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