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EU tech hub in Israel introduces 13 select startups

Hub alumni have raised a cumulative € 7.7 million in the past two years

Photo by Shlomi Zanati
Photo by Shlomi Zanati

The list of top startups that will participate in the third batch of the international post-acceleration program Calling2Scale from EIT Hub Israel, the Israeli branch of the European Union's Institute of Innovation and Technology, has been finalized.

Selected from some 70 applicants, 13 start-ups from seven countries will participate in the program that will begin later this month: six from Israel, two from Spain and the others from the UK, Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal and Poland. Five of the companies operate in the fields of renewable energy, four in the field of healthcare and another four center on developing fuel and plastic substitutes.

The selected companies are:

  • Carmel Diagnostics ltd. (Israel) - A ground-breaking medical system selecting the most viable embryos for successful IVF pregnancy.

  • MOWOOT (Spain) - A medical device company treating intestinal transit disorders with a purely physical, non-drug, non-invasive solution.

  • Iluria (Israel) - A clinically validated monitoring software, providing support to caregivers and families for ADHD management & treatment decisions support.

  • MedixSpace (Netherlands) - a digital cancer care ecosystem that consists of 4 modules: Virtual Tumor Board, chemotherapy management, Patient Companion App, and Continuous Care Management.

  • Solutum (Israel) - a novel plastic material with all functionality and benefits of plastic that completely dissolves in water at ambient temperature, after a pre-determined delay time, and then bio-degrades to natural and eco-friendly components with no microplastic residue.

  • Bioworld (Portugal) - A patented biopolymer, obtained from waste and by-products of the agro-food industry. Depending on the percentage of each waste and/or by-product used in the formulation of the biopolymer, its characteristics can be varied, namely transparency, mechanical resistance, humidity absorption and biodegradability.

  • Blueplasma Power SL (Spain) - Delivers efficient and profitable solutions to the global problem of non-recyclable organic waste.

  • Boson Energy (Israel) - an enabler for the decarbonization efforts by providing Cost effective and a sustainable Hydrogen from solid residues such MSW, medical waste, Agri-waste and other.

  • ACiiST Smart Networks (Israel) - offers seamless, scalable, secure ethernet networking infrastructure technology for smart cities.

  • SEEDiA Sp. z o.o. (Poland) - design for Smart Cities with modern and innovative usable objects of small architecture powered by solar energy.

  • Carbon Analytics (UK) - granular emissions tracking and intelligence platform for decarbonization. The platform helps in auto-scoping suppliers and working out up-to-date global factorials & industry protocols for accurate asset level measurement.

  • Synvertec (Israel) - algorithm-based software enables 100% renewable generation, by providing grid stability solutions for inverter-based applications, such as Solar PV, Battery Storage, Electric Vehicles and Wind.

  • CYRUS (Greece) - A zero-noise metal-hydride hydrogen compressor for use in Hydrogen Refueling Stations of the automotive industry.

EIT Hub Israel, whose startups alumni have raised a cumulative € 7.7 million, is intended for startups in the post-acceleration stages with a working product. This new cycle opens on the background of Israel's accession to the EU's Horizon Europe’s research and innovation program, focusing on the growth process of mature startups entering new markets.

The 13 selected companies will benefit from a diverse pool of mentors from Israeli and European experts and extensive marketing from EIT channels and the EIT innovation community. The program will last three months.

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