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From Tel Aviv to Portugal: CloudZone sets up first European branch

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

This will be the company’s first European branch, as part of its extension program

Adi Heinisch, General Manager of CloudZone. Photo credit: Sam Jacobson
Adi Heinisch, General Manager of CloudZone. Photo credit: Sam Jacobson

Matrix's Cloud company CloudZone, which is headquartered in Tel Aviv, is launching a new branch in Portugal, its first expansion into Europe. The branch will provide technical support to customers in the Iberian, Spanish and Portuguese markets.

CloudZone will be recruiting employees for the new center in a wide range of roles, including sales, business support, technical support and consultants, from both Israel and Portugal. The new Iberian branch was officially launched this month in Madrid, as part of an AWS conference, a key partner of CloudZone.

The center will be led by Nuno Tavares, and emphasis will be placed on providing full technical support for startups and enterprise customers moving to major cloud service providers – Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Tavares has five years of experience in the field of technological consulting in the public cloud, and in his previous position served as CEO of FlipKick, a business partner of Amazon.

"We have been in contact with the Iberian market for some time, and see business and technological potential here,” says Adi Heinisch, General Manager of CloudZone.

“The expansion of our operations in Portugal and Spain is natural and necessary, as the local government encourages the transition of organizations to the cloud through tax benefits and regulations. Through the new branch, we will act as a springboard for technology companies and large organizations, helping them accelerate their digital transformation."

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