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Fully autonomous vulnerability remediation startup raises $24 million

Vicarius developed a fully automated and consolidated platform to assess, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities in apps and assets

Vicarius founders. Photo by Ricky Rachman
Vicarius founders. Photo by Ricky Rachman

Vicarius, developer of a fully autonomous end-to-end vulnerability remediation platform, announced a $24M Series A round, led by AllegisCyber Capital, JVP, and AlleyCorp.

Founded in Israel by three security experts, Michael Assraf, Yossi Ze’evi and Roi Cohen, Vicarius equips IT and security teams with a fully automated and consolidated platform, TOPIA, to assess, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities in applications, assets, and operating systems.

The company explains that traditional network and scanning-based tools focus exclusively on vulnerability discovery (without the ability to remediate or prioritize), or patch management and can’t adapt to changing WFH infrastructure. Vicarius provides a cloud-first, integrated solution that closes the loop from discovery to remediation for today’s shift to remote work and cloud-based applications.

“The misalignment and ensuing friction between security and IT is a 15-year-old problem that still hasn’t been solved,” said Michael Assraf, CEO, Vicarius., adding that “consolidating down the vulnerability remediation process to one platform and eliminating the complexity associated with siloed products and closed communication channels, we are bringing security and IT teams together under one roof to take action and reduce risk,

The company intends to use the investment to triple the number of employees by next year as well as grow sales, support, and engineering operations.

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