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Hebrew University, Meta AI launch joint AI PhD program

This first-of-its-kind partnership in Israel marks a major step to bring industry-leading Artificial Intelligence from HU to the marketplace

Illustration. BIGSTOCK: Copyright: KOstiantynVoitenko
Illustration. BIGSTOCK: Copyright: KOstiantynVoitenko

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU)’s School of Engineering and Computer Science and Yissum, company announced a new research partnership with Meta AI on Thursday. This first of its kind partnership between Meta and an Israeli university marks a significant step to bring industry-leading Artificial Intelligence research from HU to the AI marketplace.

This partnership stems from Hebrew University's efforts to strengthen the ties between academia and the tech industry. Meta AI’s research advances the state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence through fundamental and applied research in open collaboration with the community.

PhD students who are accepted into the program will have the opportunity to merge theory with real work experience, to gain a better understanding of emerging technologies and to develop new ones.

The results of the research conducted as part of this strategic partnership will be published for the benefit of the scientific community and industry. Meta will assign the HU students mentors and scholarships to deepen their understanding in AI and machine learning. Students will have access to Meta’s computational infrastructure and facilities.

“This partnership offers our students a unique opportunity to experience the world of research and development from two perspectives: a research perspective that enables experimentation, innovation, and breakthroughs, and an implementation perspective, which will give them an understanding of the real-world impact of their research,” said Professor Sara Cohen, Dean of the Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering at the Hebrew University.

This one-of-a-kind collaboration will empower Hebrew U.’s PhD students to both study at one of Israel’s leading universities and to test their ideas in Meta’s industry-leading AI laboratory,” Cohen added.

“Meta’s choice to collaborate with the Hebrew University is proof of our institution’s scientific excellence and the commercial success that Yissum has achieved for its leading professors. The university’s curious and innovative researchers play a critical role in the marketplace, and we are proud to facilitate this collaboration with Meta to impact the scientific community,” said Dr. Itzik Goldwaser, CEO of Yissum.

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