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Herzog: Israeli cyber “source of great national pride”

The Israeli President spoke at the top of Cybertech Global TLV, which kicked off this morning

Screen shot, Cyberetch Global TLV
Screen shot, Cyberetch Global TLV

“It is fitting that Israel would play host to an event of this magnitude. The size, scope and strength of our domestic cyber industry is a source of great national pride.”, said the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, at the top of Cybertech Global TLV this morning (Wednesday).

In a pre-recorded video played on the main stage, the President added that “Israeli innovators have helped pioneer technologies and strategies that protect the online existence of millions around the world.”

“The importance of securing our data has become even more paramount as more and more of our lives have been migrated online these past two years, so we must protect their privacy…Just as malicious activities are constantly improving their tactics, it is our responsibility to be agile and innovative with our solutions.”

Watch President Herzog's full address at Cybertech Global TLV:

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