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"Identity has become the new battleground"

CyberArk CEO Udi Mokady spoke at Cybertech Global TLV about navigating through the world of identity management

Udi Mokady. Photo by Gilad Kavalerchik
Udi Mokady. Photo by Gilad Kavalerchik

“Our reality is changing every day, the threat environment is as high as we can remember. 2021 kicked off right after SolarWinds and the supply chain concerns, and Log4J recently reminded us that we have to assume breach,” said Udi Modaky, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of CyberArk.

Speaking at Cybertech Global TLV on Wednesday morning, Mokady’s talk was titled “Countering attacker innovation with identity security.”

“A 5000-person enterprise has over 6000 identities – many of the identities are machines, applications using credentials, various platforms, IoT devices, and of course the employees and customers,” said Mokady. “Different enterprises define identities differently.

“Identity has become the new battleground, and the first forefront of entering an organization. Assume breach, but also assume identity.”

Mokady raised the question of what can be done in the world of identity management. “While it has a lot of positivity in moving to the future, we believe in taking a security-first approach in identity management with a Zero Trust approach.

“Do the basics: if we look at recent guidelines from CISA, they discuss the basis – segmentation, least privileged access and so on,” said Mokady, “but also do it better – for example, advanced multi-factor authentication, rather than just multi-factor authentication.

“CyberArk’s mission is to provide a modern approach to identity security, centered on privilege, in order to protect against advanced cyber threats. We look at human and non-human identities, hybrid infrastructure, cloud data and more.”

“We believe in being productively paranoid. We need to always innovate, because attackers always innovate.”

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