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Israel: new hi-tech training center to be set up for Arab high school graduates

The initiative will also include a new tech hub as well as a large new employment area

Hi-tech conference at Umm al-Fahm. Photo by Jamil Mhamid
Hi-tech conference at Umm al-Fahm. Photo by Jamil Mhamid

A new hi-tech training center for high school graduates from Israel’s Arab society will be launched this fall, aiming to guide the recent graduates and help them continue their higher education and careers in the field.

The launch was announced during a conference held at the city of Umm al-Fahm’s cinematheque, titled “Hi-tech as a lever for economic development in the Arab society”, organized by Tsofen – a non-profit dedicated to integrating Israel’s Arab sector in the country’s booming hi-tech industry.

The organization will also lead the training, in collaboration with the Rothschild Partnership association as well as the Ministry of Peripheral, Negev and Galilee Development; the Umm al-Fahm Municipality; and the steering forum for the advancement of hi-tech in the city.

"By supporting young people towards higher education success and integration into employment, the 'Masar for Hi-Tech' program will open up opportunities for the young people as well as serve the regional economy and the need for skilled and skilled manpower for technology industries throughout the country," said Ravital Duek, Co-CEO of Tsofen,

The mayor of Umm al-Fahm, Dr. Samir Mahamid, announced at the conference the establishment of a technological hub in the city that includes a large employment area devoted to tech entrepreneurs.

"Today's event is ground-breaking. A dream come true - the first hi-tech conference in Umm al-Fahm. We see innovation and hi-tech as an economic, employment and image leverage. A lever that will give our young people a future image and potential for self-realization,” said the mayor.

“I believe that the partnership of the government, the third sector, the municipality and the city, is the right recipe for realizing the potential of Arab society in general and of the city in particular. We will allocate 8 acres in the city's employment area for hi-tech entrepreneurs. The conference, along with the initiatives in the city, will be a starting point for a better future".

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