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Israeli AI-based imagine company partners with Novac Health

Health network aims to expand innovative technologies designed to improve delivery of patient care and outcomes

Aidoc’s founders (left-to-right): Reiner, Wallach, Berginsky. Photo by Guy Schreiber
Aidoc’s founders (left-to-right): Reiner, Wallach, Berginsky. Photo by Guy Schreiber

Aidoc, an Israeli company which provides enterprise-grade AI solutions for medical imaging, announced a partnership with Novant Health, a US health network of over 1,800 physicians, with 15 medical centers in NC, SC, and GA.

By incorporating Aidoc's AI platform, which includes seven FDA-cleared solutions for triage and notification of patients with acute medical conditions, Novant Health is taking proactive steps to improve patient outcomes and reduce emergency department length of stay amid resource constraints inflicted by the Omicron variant.

"When diagnosing and treating critical pathologies like pulmonary emboli and hemorrhagic strokes, every second counts," said Dr. Eric Eskioglu, Executive Vice President Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Novant Health.

"With Aidoc's technology, our physicians will be able to more quickly identify and prioritize these patients and provide rapid life-saving treatments."

From Aidoc's AI platform, Novant Health will be utilizing the intracranial hemorrhage (brain bleeds), pulmonary embolism (lung blood clots), incidental pulmonary embolism, c-spine fracture, and abdominal free air AI solutions.

"With rapidly rising numbers of people infected with the highly contagious Omicron variant, we can see the hard impact on hospital emergency room capacities and resources across the U.S.," said Elad Walach, CEO and co-founder of Aidoc, adding that the new partnership will enable expediated care for patients, and contribute towards a mitigation of the current emergency room situation.

Aidoc's healthcare AI platform is currently used by thousands of physicians in hospitals and radiology groups worldwide and across multiple care coordination service lines, having analyzed over 10.3 million scans in the past year.

In late 2021, Aidoc was selected as the best new AI health app at the UCSF Health Awards. The judges noted that the company’s solution “helps physicians save lives thanks to the alert it issues on urgent cases, within seconds before the patient leaves the imaging room.”

Founded by three members of the IDF’s elite leadership and sciences “Talpiot” program – Elad Wallach, Michael Berginsky and Guy Reiner – Aidoc has raised $140 million to date, with the latest Series C round yielding $66 million.

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