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Israeli companies celebrated in Asia Innovation Conference

Sanolla and Naor are part of the third cycle of the Israel-Taiwan IP2LaunchPad program

The winning companies’ representatives at InnoVEX 2022. Photo courtesy InnoVEX 2022
The winning companies’ representatives at InnoVEX 2022. Photo courtesy InnoVEX 2022

Two Israeli startups – Sanolla and Naor - have won the Special Award the InnoVEX 2022 Pitch Contest and received the Startup Terrace Award, that includes a $40K grant and offices at Startup Terrace Innovation center.

Sanolla has developed an AI-based infrasound auscultation technology, which provides AI-powered diagnostic solutions for primary care physicians. Rapid Diagnostics developed Naor, an innovative engine for rapid molecular diagnosis on-site, without lab infrastructure, which is already applicable to covid-19 tests, as well as a variety of infectious diseases.

The contest was held as part of InnoVEX , the Asia Innovation Conference for startup companies. 145 startup companies from 14 countries participated in the contest, among them the two Israeli companies, which made it to the finals. Over all, seven companies received this award this year.

Sanolla, Rapid Diagnostics, alongside Airovation, which develops a technology for air purification and oxygen enrichment, took part in InnoVEX 2022, as part of the third cycle of the IP²LaunchPad program for the accelerated entry of Israeli companies into the far east markets, and activity in the Taiwanese ecosystem.

The programs has been operating as part of the Startup Terrace innovation center, which is supported by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and managed by Taiwanese company i2i, which founded and manages, a technology ecosystem supporting and connecting stakeholders within the Taiwanese tech ecosystem.

Due to the entry restrictions in Taiwan, the Israeli startups participated in the conference remotely, while the program facilitators in Taiwan represented them physically in the conference pavilion.

“Israeli companies have been showcased in this conference for three years now, winning awards and grants, a jump-start on their entry to far east markets and various partnerships and collaborations, as part of the IP²LaunchPad program," said Rani Shifron, Healthier Globe CEO, director of the IP² innovation programs, and Israeli representative of i2i.

"Participating in the program provides Israeli companies a local presence in Taiwan, allowing them to strengthen their business activity in the far east”

Over the last two years, two cohorts of IP² programs were held in Israel, featuring almost 50 companies, more than 300 virtual and physical meetings, and about 25 collaboration agreements signed. A third cohort is being held these days in Israel, focusing on digital health, renewable energy and cyber security.

The activity in Israel is part of the efforts to accelerate the innovation ecosystem in Taiwan which was presented by the National Development Council of Taiwan in 2018 and goes hand in hand with the Taiwanese government's investment of about $1 billion by 2023 in order to establish its status as "Asia’s Silicon Valley".

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