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New low-code/no-code raises $26 million in new funding

Blink is an Israeli platform that helps cloud operations teams build workflows to automate everyday DevOps and SecOps tasks

Blink team, photo courtesy company
Blink team, photo courtesy company

Blink, an Israeli low-code/no-code platform that helps operations teams automate everyday DevOps and SecOps tasks, announced $26 million in new funding last week,led by Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Founded in March 2021 by a team of cloud-native development and security experts, Blink is designed to give operations teams a managed workspace to create reusable playbooks that automate everyday cloud and security tasks with minimal to no code at all. The platform can integrate with more than 10,000 APIs and popular cloud tools, and has a vast library of prebuilt DevOps and SecOps automation templates.

“Overburdened cloud operation teams are stuck managing the many cloud platforms used across their organizations” explains Gil Barak, co-founder and CEO of Blink.

“It’s a widespread problem with tools for cloud services, monitoring, security, logging, data visualization, and more. DevOps and SecOps engineers cannot be productive when they’re too busy switching between tools and gluing together random APIs. Even querying for simple insights across tools can be a massive technical headache.”

“We created Blink to help operations teams achieve flow in their everyday work, by creating automated workflows across the cloud tools engineering teams use every day,” adds Haviv Rosh, a co-founder and CTO of Blink and former Global Chief Architect of ServiceNow. “The impact of adopting a low-code/no-code platform is happier, more productive operations teams and more reliable, resilient cloud operations.”

Barack, Rosh, and the third founder Zion Zatlavi led engineering and commercial teams at ServiceNow and Palo Alto Networks, and previously served together in the IDF Unit 8200 Intelligence Corps.

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