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One a day: beating the bad guys in their own game

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Meet the promising start-ups that will attend Cybtertech Global TLV. Today we are zooming in on Deceptive Bytes

Deceptive Bytes founders. Photo courtesy company
Deceptive Bytes founders. Photo courtesy company

Company name: Deceptive Bytes

What we do: Prevention by Deception, Active Endpoint Deception, Endpoint Security, Malware Prevention & Detection, Zero-Day Prevention, Advanced Endpoint Protection, APT Protection, Ransomware Protection, Targeted Attacks Prevention and, Threat Intelligence.

Company stage: Growth.

Founders: Sagi Lamay, CEO & Co Founder; Avi Lamay, CTO & Co Founder; Hen Lamay, COO & Co Founder

Number of employees: 15.

Meet our product: Deceptive Bytes' patented malware prevention technology is provided as part of its Active Endpoint Deception platform that dynamically responds to attacks as they evolve and change their outcome, by creating deceptive information based on the current detected stage of compromise through the entire Endpoint Kill Chain.

The preemptive solution covers the evolving nature of advanced threat landscape & sophisticated malware techniques, stopping all threats without relying on signatures, patterns, or the need for constant updates.

Deceptive Bytes is a globally recognized vendor by industry-leading research firms & professionals, such as Gartner as a Cool Vendor, CB Insights, and others.

We stand out from the crowd because: Our deception technology uses the same defenses and techniques malware is using against it, we’re shaping the attackers' decision making & beating the bad guys in their own game!

While most of the current endpoint security products today are focused on detection and remediation, our solution is focused on preventing the threat as soon as possible. In addition, it's the lightest solution in the market, weighing less than 1.5MB to install, <0.01% CPU & <20MB of RAM.

This means the user is not affected by our presence on the endpoint while increasing its security dramatically.

Deceptive Bytes will participate in Cybertech Global Tel Aviv, which will be held (in person!) between March 1–3, 2022. For additional information, please visit the event's official website.

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