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One a day: harnessing AI for autonomous risk mitigation

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Meet the promising start-ups that will attend Cybtertech Global TLV. Today we are zooming in on Cognni

Cognni founders. Photo courtesy company
Cognni founders. Photo courtesy company

Company name: Cognni.

What we do: Information intelligence.

Stage: Start-up with a working product.

Founders: Guy Eisdorfer, Ami Marueli.

Number of employees: 30.

Meet our product: Cognni connects to your office 365 data sources, identifies valuable data and starts hunting for information risks. Once our unique AI algorithm finds those risks, it mitigates them autonomously.

We stand out from the crowd because: We created an AI-powered approach to understanding information, detecting, and mitigating information risks to close a huge gap between privacy regulations and a company's information. Our solution works right out of the box, autonomously, doing work that would be impossible for companies to complete independently, therefore providing an immediate ROI.

Cognni will participate in Cybertech Global Tel Aviv, which will be held (in person!) between March 1–3, 2022. For additional information, please visit the event's official website.

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