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One a day: identifying all organization entities

Meet the promising start-ups that will attend Cybtertech Global TLV. Today we are zooming in on DoControl

DoControl team, photo courtesy company
DoControl team, photo courtesy company

Company name: DoControl.

What we do: SaaS security.

Company stage: post A fundraising round.

Founders: Adam Gavish, Omri Weinberg, Liel Ran.

Number of employees: 41.

Meet our product: The DoControl Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA) solution provides full visibility across all SaaS access for every identity and entity (i.e. internal users and external collaborators) throughout the entire organization. Continuous monitoring across all SaaS events and activities provides a baseline understanding of normal activity, and automatically identifies anomalous data access events.

We stand out from the crowd because: DoControl provides advanced SaaS data access control based on super simple no-code automated workflows solving dozens of high risk scenarios.

DoControl will participate in Cybertech Global Tel Aviv, which will be held (in person!) between March 1–3, 2022. For additional information, please visit the event's official website.

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