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One a day: securing your SaaS ecosystem as fast as it evolves

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Meet the promising start-ups that will attend Cybtertech Global TLV. Today we are zooming in on Atmosec

AtmoSec team, photo courtesy company
Atmosec team, photo courtesy company

Company name: Atmosec.

What we do: SaaS security.

Stage: Seed funding $6M.

Founders: Aner Gelman (CEO), Misha Seltzer (CTO), Shaked Gitelman (VP R&D)

Number of employees: We're about 20 humble but innovative tinkerers, who enjoy collaborating and working together on tough problems.

Meet our product: The Atmosec Security Platform monitors the behavior of an unlimited number of third-party SaaS services as they interact with each other and automates the mitigation of actual and potential risks, proactively flagging any anomalies or misconfigurations so that CIOs and CISOs can enable the organization to move quickly with confidence .

We stand out from the crowd because: We focus on more than just configurations and permissions and thoroughly understands the behavior of each SaaS and its integrations.

Atmosec will participate in Cybertech Global Tel Aviv, which will be held (in person!) between March 1–3, 2022. For additional information, please visit the event's official website.

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