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Raftt comes out of stealth mode with $5 million in funding

The start up’s innovative platform enables easy creation and efficient sharing of development environments

Raft team. Photo credit: Tom Hooliganov
Raft team. Photo credit: Tom Hooliganov

Israeli startup company Raftt, an advanced cloud-based platform for creating and sharing development environments, has come out of stealth with $5 million in seed funding.

Founded in 2021 by Roy Larchy and Gahl Saraf, Raft focuses on the development process by providing easy-to-use developer environments which run in the cloud, enabling advanced collaboration while using existing local IDEs and other tools and workflows.

With this tool, developers can eliminate setup and drift between environments, create unlimited environments for every need, and spend more time on what they do best - focus on their code.

Raftt’s platform aims to solve the problems faced by developers managing local development environments and using containerized services for development. Currently, precious hours are spent on issues such as environmental decay, drift, and gaps between the development and the staging and production phases.

Raftt’s platform wishes to not only saves developers’ time, but also to create new possibilities for seamless and rapid sharing of dev environments both within and between teams and functions - including Product and QA.

“As a longtime engineer and a productivity geek at heart, I immediately connected to the core value of Raftt: prioritizing the developer experience and speeding up development cycles by eliminating grunt work that not only creates little impact, but is also the root cause for many mistakes,” saod Eden Shochat, General Partner at Aleph, which led the funding round.

“With the surge in cloud technologies and the use of Microservices architecture, the dev market has benefitted from many changes and innovations in recent years. Developers are still faced with the challenges of using tools that are not built for efficient development in rapid iterations. Their dev machines are stalled from running multiple services, and too much of their time is spent inefficiently,” said Roy Iarchy, Co-founder and CEO of Raftt.

“Raftt offers a comprehensive solution for the entire local dev environment without the need to change how the developer works. Behind the scenes, the environment runs in the cloud and adapts the DevOps infrastructure to the developer's unique needs eliminating time wasted on maintenance and providing a faster and more efficient workflow and an easily shared development environment.|

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