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Ramon.Space reveals high-capacity, space-resilient storage solution

This is part of the company’s computing platform that set forth to revolutionize space computing infrastructure

Illustration by Ofer Shafir, courtesy Ramon.Space
Illustration by Ofer Shafir, courtesy Ramon.Space

Ramon.Space, a leader in space-resilient computing infrastructure, revealed its latest product: NuStream, a solid-state storage recorder built to withstand the harsh environment of space.

Nustream is the latest product from Ramon.Space’s computing infrastructure platform for data-driven space missions. With high-density storage and state-of-the-art modular architecture, NuStream is the core to enable next generation applications and space services.

The numbers of satellites and accompanying applications and data in space are increasing exponentially and there is a tremendous need for storage capability built for space to keep up with this growth. With NuStream, commercial and government satellite providers can store an immense amount of data generated from the most advanced sensors delivering more effective and real-time information to earth.

“The needs for capacity are always increasing, and we are now seeing similar storage needs in space as on earth.” said Dov Moran, Chairman of the Board at Ramon.Space and Managing Partner at Grove Ventures.

“The company’s technology delivers unparalleled capacity and reliable Rad Hard (radiation hardening) performance to address the data-intensive applications necessary for the future of space tech.”

Designed for multi-year space missions, NuStream will utilize in-house radiation-hardened technology to deliver reliability and robustness in various space applications. The product’s optimized size, weight, power and cost offer reliable storage capabilities to meet the unique environmental requirements of space without compromising performance.

NuStream provides parallel muti-sensor recording using stream technology and radiation tolerance achieved through Virtual Radiation Shield™ controlled by Ramon.Space’s in-house RC64 processor.

“The number of data-centric satellites continues to grow, as demand from more information from space through the utilization of various sensors is increasing exponentially,” said Dallas Kasaboski, Senior Analyst, NSR. “For processing capability to keep pace with this growth, there is an undeniable need for space-hardened storage systems.”

Ramon.Space is revolutionizing orbital services, using proven technology that will radically transform satellites into software-empowered, smart and autonomous systems. With high-density SSD-based storage and computing capabilities, the company enables data centers and data networks in space, enabling non-stop data center services on-orbit and the build-out of computing infrastructure in space.

The Israeli company is named after the country’s first astronaut, Ilan Ramon, who was killed in the fatal Columbia mission in 2003, along with the six other crew members.

“We are solving one of the last great challenges in the industry: delivering an earth-like computing infrastructure to space,” said Avi Shabtai, CEO of Ramon.Space. “We are proud to release our storage solution, a core element of our space compute platform, which will set new benchmarks for capacity with regards to size, weight and power (SWaP).”  

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