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Recorded Future wants to lead the fight against threat convergence

"Cybersecurity is now, more than ever, a matter of national security,” said Yigal Unna, the Israel National Cyber Directorate's former chief

Illustration. Photo: BIGSTOCK / Copyright: leowolfert
Illustration. Photo: BIGSTOCK / Copyright: leowolfert

US cybersecurity company Recorded Future, which specializes in threat intelligence, announced the launch of its National Cyber Defense Intelligence Kit, designed to help national cyber security organizations and governments protect their critical infrastructure and mission-critical areas.

“The idea of ‘threat convergence’ is real and needs to be a primary consideration for government organizations,” said the company on its website, identifying three main converging pillars: geopolitical and kinetic, cyber, and influence operations threats

“No vendor or government agency was looking across all of the critical areas countries need to secure and protect while providing analysts with the tools to investigate threats on demand and in real-times,” said the company, which works with over 30 national cyber defense organizations and 150 governmental organizations around the world.

The intelligence kit provides “tailored queries and best practices to answer critical intelligence questions using intelligence from Recorded Future.” Its mission areas are government, utilities, energy & industrial control systems, telecommunications, elections, finance, defense and health.

“Threats can no longer be viewed as single dimensional in nature; they are often intertwined and involve campaigns where all threat angles are linked and deployed in conjunction with one another,” says the website post, giving Ukraine as an example where threat convergence is happening “in maybe the most obvious way ever. The Ukrainians are defending their home through an onslaught of Russian aggression from all threat angles – physical to cyber, and influence.”

"With the diversity and escalation of threats to critical infrastructure and governments around the world, cybersecurity is now more than ever before a matter of national security,” said Yigal Unna, Former Director General of the Israel National Cyber Directorate.

“As such, intelligence is essential to keep up with the threats and expose adversaries. With Recorded Future's new intelligence kit, governments can identify and prioritize threats while collaborating and using common language to make global cyber defense stronger," Unna added.

"The convergence of threats demands a centralized view of the threat landscape, and we've built an expertise from working with governments and national security organizations for over a decade to manage their risk from a world of threats – whether it's state-sponsored cyber threats, physical warfare and geopolitical issues, disinformation campaigns, or disruption to global supply chains,” said Dr. Christopher Ahlberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Recorded Future.

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