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SecuriThings expands management team with 3 leading women

In a high-start-up scene steered mostly by men, this is one way for the Israeli IoTOps startup to stand out from the crowd

Left to right: Dana Shabtai, Judith Wahnon, and Ravid Manor. Photos by David Garb
Left to right: Dana Shabtai, Judith Wahnon, and Ravid Manor. Photos by David Garb

SecuriThings is an Israeli-based startup which set out to redefine the way organizations worldwide manage and secure their IoT devices. The company meets a clear and growing need for a modernized approach to the management of IoT-powered physical security devices such as cameras, access control systems and more.

Focusing on the emerging field of IoT Operations (IoTOps) is not the only way SecuriThings attempts to differentiate itself from numerous other cybersecurity startups. In an environment dominated mostly by men – the company’s product, marketing, operations and HR are now led largely by three women executives.

VP of Operations and Global Human Resources Ravid Manor, VP of Marketing Judith Wahnon, and VP of Product Dana Shabtay – all bring varied expertise to their leadership positions at SecuriThings, playing key roles in shaping the future of the company, its product and its international success.

While Manor has long led SecuriThings’ Operations and Human Resources teams, both Wahnon and Shabtay have taken on their roles in the past year. The expansion of SecuriThings’ managerial backbone is intended to support its growth plans in the coming year – a year in which it plans to expand each of its departments and double its global workforce.

“Our leadership team plays a critical role not only in driving our growth but in shaping who we are as a company and what we stand for,” says Roy Dagan, co-founder and CEO of SecuriThings.

“Having the right people with the right expertise and the right drive in those pivotal roles can make a world of difference in our success, and I couldn’t be prouder of the leadership demonstrated by Ravid, Judith and Dana each and every day.”

An experienced operations and human resources executive, Ravid Manor has over 10 years of experience working in the high-tech industry. She holds an LL.B., a B.A. in Psychology and an M.Sc. degree in Management Sciences and Organizational Behavior, all from Tel Aviv University.

Judith Wahnon began her marketing career in Montreal, Canada, before immigrating to Israel nine years ago. Over the course of 12 years in the field, she has gained expertise in product marketing, channel marketing and strategic planning. Judith joined SecuriThings as VP Marketing in mid-2021. She holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Concordia University in Montreal.

Dana Shabtay spent three years as SecuriThings’ product manager before being promoted to VP Product late last year. She is an experienced product and R&D executive with more than 15 years of experience in cybersecurity and Linux-embedded systems. Dana previously served in the IDF Army Intelligence Special Forces Unit, and she holds a B.A. in Computer Science from Reichman University (previously IDC Herzliya).

Defining the field of IoTOps

Through its Horizon platform, SecuriThings provides real-time security and operational efficiency to improve system availability, organizational compliance, and cyber protection while reducing costs and streamlining future planning.

According to the company, the solution is trusted by Fortune 100 companies and has been deployed by numerous large enterprises such as major airports, universities, hospitals and more. SecuriThings also partners with key system integrators as well as device manufacturers to provide unprecedented insights, coverage, and reliability.

SecuriThings has raised $18 million to date, with Aleph leading the latest round. The company was founded by Roy Dagan, who serves as CEO, and Ranaan Lidji, CTO. The company has over 40 employees around the world, most of them based in Israel.

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