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Seemplicity raises $32 Million for its security productivity platform

The platform empowers the security teams to automate, optimize, and scale risk reduction efforts across the organization, cutting time spent

Seemplicity team. Credit: Ben Itzhaki
Seemplicity team. Credit: Ben Itzhaki

Israeli risk reduction and productivity platform Seemplicity emerged out of stealth with $32 million in funding. The funding includes a $26 million Series A round led by Glilot Capital Partners, and a $6 million seed round led by S Capital.

Seemplicity’s Productivity Platform aims to connect security findings with those who can fix them, thus removing security teams as the bottleneck. Seemplicity aggregates, normalizes, and orchestrates findings from multiple siloed security tools to generate a single consistent security backlog.

This enables security teams to easily build out and automate risk reduction workflows in the platform, streamlining handovers between teams and synchronizing all stakeholders, including developers, DevOps, and cloud engineers. By consolidating the data from cloud misconfiguration, vulnerability management, AppSec, penetration testing, API security, SaaS security, and other security tools into a unified platform.

According to the company, its platform cuts out time wasted on manual operations by as much as 80% and increases remediation throughput by 6X.

“While the security industry excels at identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities, it falls incredibly short when it comes to remediation and assurance,” said Yoran Sirkis, co-founder & CEO of Seemplicity. “Security teams need a workflow tool to help them keep the queue moving, remediate more issues in less time, and scale their operations.”

Seemplicity was founded by Yoran Sirkis, Ravid Circus, and Rotem Cohen Gadol, three cybersecurity veterans with hands-on experience in building security programs and developing data-driven software, who created the platform they wished they had as security leaders. Seemplicity is already serving over 20 customers globally, including Fortune 500 and publicly traded companies.

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