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Shin Bet Head: we believe in innovation within the Israeli intelligence agency

Ronen Bar spoke at an exclusive event which took place at Cybertech TLV Global

ISA Director, Ronen Bar, speaking at Cybertech GlobalTLV. Photo by Gilad Kavalerchik
ISA Director, Ronen Bar, speaking at Cybertech Global TLV. Photo by Gilad Kavalerchik

Cybertech Global TLV kicked off today (Tuesday) with an exclusive, invite-only event powered by the Israel Security Agency (ISA – the Shabak, commonly known as Shin Bet).

Ido, the Managing Director of ISA’s Innovation Branch, spoke about the organization’s tech “garage” and discussed how it has been transforming and embracing innovation.

“We’ve shifted from risk management to opportunity management, looking into various areas including technologies for kindergartens, drones, and more,” said Ido.

“A startup company can approach us at any point of its life cycle. Startups don’t always have money or know how to proceed. We can help you formulate the idea. Sometimes a company needs a reality check, we can help.”

ISA Director, Ronen Bar, joined the event via Zoom. “We believe in innovation within the Israeli intelligence community,” he said. Addressing the current situation in Ukraine, Bar expressed his wishes for the war to end soon. “The fighting in Ukraine illustrates how badly innovation is needed in the battlefield.”

Bar added that ISA is considering letting civil society entrepreneurs work with the organization. “Together, we can face the challenges of the Israeli intelligence world.”

Founders of three companies which previously participated in the start-up “garage” also spoke briefly at the event. The companies are Asio, which employs AI image recognition to successfully manage container ports; Canditech, which developed an algorithm for more efficient recruitment; and Xtend, which combines augmented reality with robotics.

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