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Taiwan, Israel develop new opportunities for 5G Network

New collaboration between Israeli company Cellwize and the Taiwanese corporation eFormula is underway

Illustration credit: BIGSTOCK/Anastasiia Guseva
Illustration credit: BIGSTOCK/Anastasiia Guseva

Cellwize, an Israeli company specializing in mobile network automation and orchestration, has joined forces with Taiwanese telecom corporation eFormula System Technology to launch a cloud-based platform intended to assist local ORAN manufacturers and telecom operators.

The cloud-based automation platform, CHIME, developed by Cellwize, allows mobile operators to efficiently deploy 5G networks, manage them, and make adjustments using AI and automation. This enables operators to accelerate deployment and infiltrate the market, while also improving the return on their investment.

“We are excited to collaborate with eFormula, one of the leading corporations in the Telecom industry in Taiwan,” said Sharon Alalouf, VP APAC Business development at Cellwize.

“The Taiwanese Telecom market is known for its excellent infrastructure with intense competition, and is currently experiencing a momentum when it comes to adopting and expanding the deployment of 5G as well as ORAN technologies. The first-ever launch of our platform in Taiwan provides us with an opportunity to play a substantial role in the local ecosystem.”

The agreement between Cellwize and eFormula was signed as part of the IP² programs for accelerating the entry of Israeli companies into the far eastern markets and the Taiwanese ecosystem. The programs operate at the Startup Terrace innovation center, which is supported by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Over the past year and a half, two rounds of the IP² programs were held in Israel, with almost 50 companies participating, more than 300 virtual and physical meetings held, and about 25 collaboration agreements signed. Registration is open these days for a third round, focusing on health, renewable energy and cyber security.

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