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Talon Cyber Security raises $100 million for safer work environment

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Developed a secure Chromium-based enterprise browser, which serves as a secure access point to corporate applications and data on any device

Photo: Talon
Photo: Talon

Talon Cyber Security, an Israeli company which has developed a secure enterprise browser, announced a $100 million in Series A funding, which will be used to accelerate go-to-market efforts to meet demand for the company’s browser, TalonWork, and deliver new product enhancements to continuously improve security for modern workforces.

The round includes the conversion of $17 million in SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) investments announced in early 2022 into A round shares, bringing Talon’s total amount raised to over $126 million.

“As organizations have embraced distributed work for employees and contractors, the reliance on SaaS applications has risen, and security needs have evolved drastically. The traditional ways of enabling secure access to enterprise applications are complex, expensive, and put organizations at risk,” says the company.

The TalonWork browser, which is based on Chromium, serves as a secure access point to corporate applications and data on any device, managed or unmanaged, and on any operating system – thereby simplifying endpoint security. Security teams have deep visibility into browser and application activity and native security features such as authentication, data loss prevention and zero-trust controls.

“We have built the team and technology to redefine and power security for the future of work – a future where security is delivered naturally through the enterprise’s most heavily used application: the browser,” said Ofer Ben-Noon, co-founder and CEO, Talon Cyber Security.

“The world and the applications the Global 2000 rely on are moving to the web, creating a dire need for a vehicle that can provide secure access without changing the way work is conducted. This new funding will allow us to continue to show why that vehicle is Talon’s secure enterprise browser.”

“In cybersecurity, the word innovative gets thrown around often, but with Talon, it is a perfect descriptor,” said Richard Seewald, Founder and Managing Partner at Evolution Equity Partners, which led the funding round.

“I have never seen a company create and lead a category with such authority, and experience such impressive traction with customers so quickly. Talon has the potential to become one of the leading companies in the broader security industry.”

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