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Tweeting together: Twitter reportedly testing new collaborative tools

Watchful, an Israeli startup company which employs an AI-enhanced solution that analyze digital experiences, says it identified this latest move

REUTERS/Kacper Pempel
REUTERS/Kacper Pempel

Twitter has begun testing a new capability that has allowed two users to write and tweet together – this, according to Israeli startup company Watchful, which analyzes and user experiences in popular apps and websites.

Watchful reports that Twitter’s new feature capability is already employed under the radar by some users in the US, and is likely to be officially launched for everyone, including in Israel.

Courtesy Watchful

A similar capability, the Collab feature, was recently introduced on Instagram. It allows

different users to edit a post together, before uploading it to the social network.

"By 2022, the trend will expand and become an integral part of all social networks. The world of social networking is so competitive that no company can afford to lag behind in terms of digital capabilities and innovation, "says Tanya Oleinik, an analyst at Watchful.

Twitter was not immediately available to respond to our query on the matter.

Watchful employs AI to analyze millions of digital experiences a day around the world, and produces covert insights about features that companies test on different users, different pricing for users according to their demographic, and more.

Founded three years ago by Itay Kahana and Yoav Gaziel, Watchful currently employs 30 people in Israel and Europe, and is now expanding its operations to the United States.

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